Neptumar Projects

Breakbulk & bulk, projects, heavy lifts,
cross trades, niche trades, main trades –
Neptumar Projects is your partner for worldwide maritime transport.

Neptumar Projects GmbH is a member of the Menzell Döhle Group of companies.

The Menzell Döhle Group has been providing services since more than 125 years in the international shipping industry and is well known as representatives of renowned shipping companies in worldwide liner trades. Neptumar Projects was founded in 2009 to meet ever increasing demands for expertise in handling special cargoes and to focus on trades not already covered by our affiliated companies, although we use their services, of course, whenever viable.

We act as independent broker for international cargo and carrier interests always aiming to find the perfect match of feasibility and cost efficiency.

We are usually the sole negotiator between freight and forwarder, although we also work with co-brokers when it is beneficial for the project.

Demanding enquiries require a careful analysis of the requirements on both sides. In order to find the right answers, we maintain excellent, proven contacts with international shippers, charterers and forwarders on the one hand and with forwarders and shipowners specialising in unusual cargoes on the other. Too long, too high, too heavy is no obstacle for us. We find the tonnage that fits your cargo and the cargo that fits your tonnage.

shipping is our passion